Veterinarian Review From Dr. Kaitlyn Heideman

As a vet and an owner of a 16 year old dog, I have tried nearly everything to help with her traction.  I noticed an immediate difference! Aspen is willing to stand in the kitchen where there’s only laminate. She turns easily with no slipping and is able to walk through the house without hesitation.

Dog Toe Treads are better than having my hard floors covered in yoga mats and rugs. These are far easier to put on than Dr. Busby’s toe grips and work a lot better. Regardless of the length of your dog’s nails, Dog Toe Treads help! They have lasted longer than Paw Friction or any other paw pad application.

Your dog does need to be comfortable having their toenails dremeled but other than that, easy peasy!



Dr. Samantha McHenry Speaks About How Dog Toe Treads Can Help:


There are many factors that contribute to chronic disease, causing our senior dog to slip, slide and fall. They occur over an entire lifetime and can create significant degeneration and weakness. Some factors include stress, inflammation, degeneration, even basic wear and tear takes a toll on our bodies over time. Keep in mind there are various causes of acute and chronic diseases causing slipping and sliding, and all pets with these symptoms should be carefully and fully evaluated by a veterinarian, to determine the underlying cause and proper treatment.

When we consider the many causes of weakness occurring in our senior dog and the fact that most of the flooring, we have in our homes have a slippery surface, it’s no wonder our senior pups have trouble at home. When our senior dogs have weakness, they may exhibit a great deal of trouble transitioning from laying down to standing up, vice versa, and even simply making their way around the house.


When they feel a lack of traction situation, such as an encounter with hard flooring, they will extend their nails trying to get a grip. Unfortunately, their nails against hard flooring has the opposite effect and they end up exerting a large amount of energy struggling, they may fall if they are able to stand which causes further injury, inflammation and pain. I have even seen patients’ legs splay out to the sides while simply standing to eat or drink. Overtime our pets will figure out they are no longer able to walk on the surface without great struggle and potential harm. In these situations, some of our pets will give up which contributes to further weakness, depression and a poor quality of life.


The mechanism of action behind Dog Toe Treads is simple… The treads provide traction which will support and improve mobility in our senior canines who are exhibiting weakness, slipping, and falling on floors at home. Mobility support is a crucial step in a multimodal approach to treatment of the various causes of weakness in our senior dogs. With support they will use their muscles instead of allowing them to atrophy (waste away). With support they can focus on supportive therapy, rehabilitation and reduced oral medication by helping stop the cycle of repeated trauma, inflammation and pain on top of already underlying disease. With support you can help achieve a meaningful improvement in their quality of life. 

-Samantha McHenry DVM

DOG TOE TREADS design: Greater traction using fewer dog toe grips per paw.

dog toe grips on dog

I was at the vet when Dr. McHenry saw my dog slipping on the tile and asked me if I wanted to try some dog toe grips called “Dog Toe Treads”. I said I do, and was I amazed! I had done a search for such an item but had not found these online. I tried booties but she wasn’t into it and chewed them off. Lucy is 16.  She is having hip issues and I have largely terrazzo and tile flooring.  Her hips were declining so rapidly and medication wasn’t helping much. I would find her splayed on the floor with no idea how long she’d been there. It was breaking my heart.  As soon as she had the toe treads on her posture changed and her hips were more aligned. She didn’t struggle so much to get up and was interested in taking walks again. I am able to give her less medicine now so she’s not so groggy. Her quality of life is much improved. Six months ago I was sure that her time was near as I couldn’t control this issue. I feel so blessed that this product gained me some extra time.  I wish I had found them sooner! They are easy to install and stay on really well. I am so happy with this product. Thanks for spotting us Doc! I’m so thankful you did, I love my dog so very much and I so appreciate this time with her.

Anna Wiggers


dog toe grips front view
dog toe grips back view

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